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Lexington, Michigan - Open Year Round - Est. 1998

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P.O. Box 546, Lexington, MI  48450

Phone:  810-359-7774

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Head east on I-94. Just before Port Huron, I-94 will split. Stay to the RIGHT toward Fort Gratiot and Port Huron. (If you veer to the left, it will take you to Canada). I-94 will end at 24th Avenue/M-25/Lakeshore Rd/Pine Grove. Go LEFT. Travel north past many stores, Birchwood Mall, Meijer and Wal-mart.  Lexington is approximately 20 miles north of Port Huron. For MDot - Closures(click here).  Click on each cottage name below for pictures inside the cottage, outside the cottage and the views of Lake Huron!


NORTH COTTAGES - Lakefront and 3 3/4 miles north of the downtown Lexington Light


The north cottages are located off of M-25 / Lakeshore Rd.  The address is 3627 S. Lakeshore Rd., Lexington, MI   48450.  We own 4 acress from Lakeshore Rd / M25 all the way to Lake Huron.  Our 6 cottages (Cottage #1, #2, #3, #4, #5 and #6 share 100' of private beach, 3 decks along the water, fire pit on the beach, 2 large hammocks and a wood swing. Click on each cottage below for pictures inside, outside and the gorgeous views of Lake Huron! 


Cottage 1 Cottage 2 Cottage 3 Cottage 4 Cottage 5 Cottage 6
Lakefront Lakefront Lakefront Lake view Lake view Lake view


DOWNTOWN COTTAGES - Walking distance to shops, restaurants, winery and brewery, beach and marina

Dayton House downtown
(lake view from front lawn) is located on Huron Avenue / M-90 just 1 block east of the Lexington traffic light.  The address is 7333 Huron Avenue, Lexington, MI   48450

Harbor Mist Cottage downtown (lake view from front lawn) is 1 block east of M-25 / Lakeshore Rd and 1 block north of Huron Avenue / M-90.  The address is 7293 Simons St., Lexington, MI  48450

SOUTH COTTAGES - All cottages below are located south of the Lexington downtown light and are within a 10 minute drive or less to downtown

Elston Cottage (nice lake view) is located 3.3 miles off of M-25 / Lakeshore Rd.  It is close to the south water tower and Lakeshore Market.  Turn east on Oak Rd.  I is the last house on the left on Oak Rd.  7371 Oak Rd., Lexington, MI   48450.

Lake Haven Cottage (lake view from front lawn.  Only 3 houses from Lake Huron) is located 3.9 miles off of M-25 /
Lakeshore Rd from downtown Lexington.  The address is 7491 Dogwood, Lexington, MI  48450.  The house is located on the left (north side) of Dogwood.  The cottage is a bluish/gray with a blue roof and yellow door.

Timeaway Cottage (lake view from east side of the house) is located 4.3 miles off of M-25 / Lakeshore Rd.  The address is 7477 Maplewood Rd., Lexington, MI   48450 which is kiddy corner from the Marathon Gas Station.  At the fork in the road, curve to the right which is Maplewood.  Drive almost to the end of the road.  The house is on the LEFT side.  Beige vinyl siding with white trim.

Sailaway Cottage (looks directly at Lake Huron) is located 4.4 miles off of M-25 / Lakeshore Rd.  The address is 7524 Lakeview Rd., Lexington, MI   48450.  Turn east on Elmwood Rd., which is kiddy corner from the Marathon Gas Station.  The Sailaway is the last house on the left on Elmwood and at the corner of Lakeview.  Yellow house with wrap around deck, blue shudders and doors.  It is located on the LEFT side of Elmwood.

Sandy Shores Cottage (lakefront) is located 5.4 miles off of M-25 / Lakeshore Rd.  Turn east on Galbraith Line.  Go right on Emigh Rd.  The address is 8089 Emigh Rd., Lexington, MI  48450.  Follow the drive down through the woods.  Park by the garage.  The mailbox is black.

Pfeiffer Cottage (lakefront) is located 5.5 miles off of M-25 / Lakeshore Rd.  Turn east on Galbraith Line.  Go right on Emight Rd.  The Pfeiffer is next door to the Sandy Shores Cottage.  The address is 8091 Emigh Rd., Lexington Mi  48450.  Go left/east on to the grass, along the barn through the reflectors.  You will be driving toward Lake Huron.  When you see the light peach house with darker shudders, park where the sign says "Parking".  Please do not park any where else on the grass as there is a septic field.

Dlorah Shores Cottage (lakefront) is off of M-25 / Lakeshore Rd and 7.9 miles south of downtown Lexington.  It is located 3 miles north of Lakeport.  The address is 8694 Lakeshore Rd., Burtchville, MI.  It south of the Lake Huron Camp on the east side of M-25.

From the most northern cottages to the most southern cottages is only a 12 minute drive.  They are only 10 miles apart. 


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