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Lexington, Michigan - Open Year Round - Est. 1998

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A1 Cottage Rentals LLC

P.O. Box 546, Lexington, MI  48450

Phone:  810-359-7774

Email:  a1cottages@a1cottages.com

Web Site:  www.a1cottages.com

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Downtown Cottages


Downtown Cottages have access to the marina, pier and beaches.  Click on the Dayton or Harbor Mist Cottages for photos inside and out.  Cottages are within walking distance to brewery, winery, playground, shops, park and restaurants

Head east on I-94. Just before Port Huron, I-94 will split. Stay to the RIGHT toward Fort Gratiot and Port Huron. (If you veer to the left, it will take you to Canada). I-94 will end at 24th Avenue/M-25/Lakeshore Rd/Pine Grove. Go LEFT. Travel north past many stores, Birchwood Mall, Meijers and Walmart. Lexington is approximately 20 miles north of Port Huron to downtown Lexington. These two cottages are located just a block from the marina, beach and harbor. For MDot - Closures (click here)

Dayton Cottage - go right/east of the downtown Lexington light.  Dayton Cottage is located in the 2nd block on the north side of the street across from the large water fountain. 7333 Huron Ave., Lexington, MI  48450.

Harbor Mist Cottage - drive through the downtown Lexington light on M-25.  Go right/east 1 block north of the light to Simons St.  Harbor Mist is within the 1st block on the north side of the street.  It is kiddy corner from the Spartan Grocery store.   7293 Simons St., Lexington, MI   48450.


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