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Lexington, Michigan - Open Year Round - Est. 1998

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A1 Cottage Rentals LLC

P.O. Box 546, Lexington, MI  48450

Phone:  810-359-7774

Email:  a1cottages@a1cottages.com

Web Site:  www.a1cottages.com

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Alternate Route


Take I-94 / I-69 east. Get off at "Wadhams Exit 262" which is approx. 20 minutes west of Port Huron and 27 miles southwest of the cottages. Go north (left) on Wadhams Road. It will be several miles, travel over I-69, and pass through Wadhams where there is a stop light, a McDonalds, and truck stops. At the bottom of the hill, go RIGHT on North River Rd. It will curve and become North Road which will turn north approximately 10 miles. OPTION: Go right on Krafft Rd. which will take you to M-25/Pine Grove. You will be on the north end of Port Huron. There is a Meijers, Walmart, Lowes, Home Depot, and the Birchwood Mall if you need to shop before you arrive at the cottages. OR Continue north on North Road and go right on Burtch Rd. There is a church looking building on the north west corner of Burtch & Wadhams. If you begin to drive on a dirt road, you went to far. Go left on M-25 (light) to Lexington approx. 10 miles. This is a very scenic route with almost no stop lights. It will take you approx. the same time but less stress and less traffic. MDot-Closures for each road click here



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